THE GOLDEN AGE -The Simulation

Liquid and animating architecture by Paul Nicholls

Time based technology in comparison to location based technology gives a rise to notions of the synthetic architecture that responses to the temporal parametric circumstances. “The golden age – The simulation” visualises the changes of the network structure concept in multi-layered spaces. The artist’s production archive thoroughly explains the composition of conceptual series he is building.

Artist Statement

THE GOLDEN AGE is a film which speculates on artificial intelligence within a simulated architecture. It is concerned with technology, synthetic programmed spaces, and the temporality of our immediate conceived environment, physical or otherwise.

It is part of a wider project which looks at a ‘downloaded’ architecture, radically changing the consumerist lifestyle we are all used to.

‘The Simulation’ is an abstract part one of a 2 part series under the title THE GOLDEN AGE

Artist Page

Artist Production Archive


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