Some notions on layered reality that is gradually absorbed in our life space, might have driven this brilliant creator to present such illusive scenes in his film. Visually very attractive as it is a so well made piece in perspectives of filming and post-production. In his blog, you can additionally find beautiful sketches and ideation archives.

Some notes from the artist on his Vimeo page

This is the final edit for the 2nd November Critique. Focusing on the constructs of the previous two films, 33a visualises the imagination of the creator of ‘Camden’ and ‘Creator’s Camden’ at the pre-production stages of the film making process. Through representing the characters perception and cognition of space he begins to form the framework of the city in which he sees himself and wishes to base the following films (Camden and Creator’s Camden) within.

It is the focus on the his cognition of space that results in his over-run personal space that contains multiple architectures of varying sorts. Not only does this realm of imaginary cities exist in his own mind but it will begin to also exist in the exterior world that he ventures into throughout his day to day life.

The artist’s post on his blog


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