Dark Cloud and the Long Goodbye Final

“A space defines a body” vs. “A body defines a space”

 Traditionally Architectural design issues and its methodology in general have discussed about inhabitants’ influences on their environment. What they do, and how they related to their everyday life have been deciding the conditions and requirements of what a certain space should be evolved. In digital age, the causal direction has been reversed, and responsive natures of environments define the body, and what the body should be. A synthetic creature that communicates with its environmental sentient is a long lasting theme we could repeatedly find among Artist David Hall’s series of artworks.  His 14th Exhibition in the Corner Gallery in Seoul uncovered its emotional synthetic object, “Dark Cloud” that is shaped and characterized by lights, the exhibition space, audiences’ presence, and its location in overall. The spatial and contextual antecedents delivered very unique aesthetic experience that along to the subjective interpretation attached to the dark low polygon form telling every different story to each visitor.  In the space of “Dark Cloud and the Long Goodbye,” a reflective theatre in your own imagination withdraws a universal story, initiates absorption, and finally invites more engagement into the object and the space. 

Wish we could meet rainy days during the exhibition period, as it will transit the space to another vacuum of the new world.

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