Space Controller

Inspried by the digital marionette idea, the architect designed a virtual space that is controlled by an Android mobile device.  The production report in the video explains the thorough process of development. Informative, interesting, and suggesting a certain concept that needs to be considered for geometry based interaction between handheld devices, and spatical structures. Find more information on the architect’s blog.

Creative Summary

This work was produced by Enrique Ramos for the module “Digital Studio” at the Bartlett’s Adaptive Architecture and Computation Msc.

An Android based phone sends OSC data to a Processing sketch, controlling a “manipulator” that interacts with a cloud of self-organising agents and modifies its configuration.

The resulting structure is the combination of the actions of the performer, and the internal rules driving the agents. The final geometry is only suggested, not completely defined, by the designer, who acts as an architect of the behaviour of the system.

Architect ‘s blog


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