The Elephant Subway

A stunning visualization of the public space architecture that has historical layers. Temporal indicators such as motions, and camera movements are well designed to present the narrative based media expression. Some sketches on the artist blog hint us his overall theme on serial works.

Artist statement

The subterranean pedestrian network at Elephant and Castle was constructed during the rebuilding of the area after the damage of World War II. It was originally built as a forward thinking piece of infrastructure prioritising the car as primary means of travel into and around the city. Now the network of tunnels are recognised as a major design fault providing opportunity for anti-social behaviour in the area. The Elephant Subway documents one of the many homogenous journeys under the road system showing the vibrancy and practicality of the infrastructure as it was originally intended. In this edit, four takes are overlayed recorded at different times of day to construct a visual complexity within one journey.

Music by Jonathan Gales

Artist Blog


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