Expanded Architecture 04 – Window Wound 01


A classic view and the chat recording revealed a special kind of architectural experience. It invited live traces and residues of temporal flows. The well made piece is an outstanding leap from the artist’s conceptual journey. Please check her blog. Worth reading as so well written.

Artist Statement

WINDOW/WOUND was a filmic intervention at BMA House in Macquarie Street, Sydney. Designed by Fowell and McConnel for the British Medical Association in 1930, BMA House won the RIBA Award for Street Architecture in 1935 and RIBA Bronze Medal.

The intervention explored the rich dynamics of the building’s foyer spaces, re-presenting them to a passing audience on the street.

The wound – a gap – is, like the window, the juncture of interior and exterior. It is a liminal space of rupture but also possibility. WINDOW / WOUND explored this frisson, revealing spatio-temporal slices of BMA House’s interiors through the windows of Studio 1.

WINDOW / WOUND was commissioned by Silvester Fuller Architects. By Sarah Breen Lovett and Lee Stickells

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